About us

Van De Velde Systems – Schut produces packaging machines for processing cartons, sleeves and trays made of duplex cardboard, corrugated cardboard, feather-light corrugated paper and combinations of these materials. This has been our core business for more than 50 years. We once began as a licence holder for ‘Sprinter locking’, and since then Van De Velde Systems – Schut has developed to become a supplier of top load, end load and sleeving machines.

Machines with a focus on the package

From these beginnings, we understand the importance of ensuring that the machine and packaging work together optimally. Our extensive knowledge of carton constructions and packaging materials is of great importance in achieving this. We seek the packaging solution not only in the machine but also in format parts or even changes to the construction of the packaging itself. This approach means we generally arrive at a practical result. In short: machines with a focus on the package.

Demo centre

Schut systems

At our demo centre in Eerbeek you will see a selection of fully operational packaging machines running at different speeds. This will give you a good idea of the options available to you for packaging your product by machine.

A visit to our demo centre will undoubtedly give you new ideas. Bring your product with you and allow yourself to be inspired by our collection of packaging examples from the Netherlands and abroad.