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Trade fairs

Schut Systems will be exhibiting the Carton Erecting and Carton Sealing machines at the following trade fairs:


International Fair for fresh produce business

5-7 February 2020

BERLIN- Germany

Hall 7.1b / B06

Unique appeltray

Working in collaboration with Schut Systems and Pillopak, packaging multinational NNZ has developed a unique package for apples. The design is a corrugated tray, consisting of two or four identical compartments. Each of the compartments holds a single apple, and the package is designed to provide optimal protection against apple-specific damage. A second benefit of this packaging concept is the printable surface. This is ideal for marketing purposes, particularly storytelling and branding.

Appels verpakken

Moreover, a recent study showed that the new tray has a positive impact on consumer satisfaction. This applies to both the product (apple) and the product category (fruit). Another outcome of the study was that the design, which is both handy and attractive, can stimulate impulse buying.

The new sleeve machine ASM60

Schut Systems recently introduced a new type of sleeving machine: the ASM60.

What makes the ASM60 different from the typical sleever is that the ASM60 works with pre-glued cardboard sleeves. This makes the transition from manual to machine sleeve fitting very simple indeed. The machine operates at a speed of approximately 60 packages per minute, and it is now available for demonstration in our demo centre for a limited time only.

Interested? Please contact us, with no obligation, to see the machine in operation.

Kartonnen sleeve

Leasing packaging machines

Most of the packaging lines Schut Systems produces are standard, and this makes it feasible for us to offer machines on a lease basis. Format parts are produced in Eerbeek, making it nevertheless possible to deliver a custom tailored machine. A customer may lease a machine for a period of one year, for example, deciding at the end of the year whether they prefer to extend the lease, purchase the packaging line or exchange it for a machine with a higher capacity.

The semi-automatic SA30 horizontal sealing machine is currently very popular among our lease offerings, but the more advanced EM90 dual head erector capable of speeds up to 120 cartons per minute is also available to lease.


Leasing a packaging machine or an entire packaging line is a good way to quickly respond to market developments while keeping your risk to a minimum. You’ll certainly agree, that makes good business sense. You keep your investment to a minimum and can calculate exactly what the introduction of a new packaging concept is going to cost in advance.