Leasing packaging machines

Most of the packaging lines Schut Systems produces are standard, and this makes it feasible for us to offer machines on a lease basis. Format parts are produced in Eerbeek, making it nevertheless possible to deliver a custom tailored machine. A customer may lease a machine for a period of one year, for example, deciding at the end of the year whether they prefer to extend the lease, purchase the packaging line or exchange it for a machine with a higher capacity.

The semi-automatic SA30 horizontal sealing machine is currently very popular among our lease offerings, but the more advanced EM90 dual head erector capable of speeds up to 120 cartons per minute is also available to lease.


Leasing a packaging machine or an entire packaging line is a good way to quickly respond to market developments while keeping your risk to a minimum. You’ll certainly agree, that makes good business sense. You keep your investment to a minimum and can calculate exactly what the introduction of a new packaging concept is going to cost in advance.