Types of material

The packaging machines from Van De Velde Systems – Schut process cartons and trays made of duplex cardboard, corrugated cardboard, ultralight corrugated paper, laminated cardboards and processed cardboards.

Each material behaves differently on a packaging machine and we take that into account.

Using advanced measuring equipment the critical characteristics of the packaging and the packaging material are measured. Based on these measurement data we can then determine how the packaging will behave on the packaging line. We also provide advice concerning the carton construction and the packaging material. More often than not this results in reduction of the amount of material required.

Verpakking voor zaden
Verpakking voor haarproducten
Verpakking voor cups
tray uit open golfpapier met vakverdeling
gelamineerd doosje
verpakking voor kruiden
golfkarton met locking
Dubbelwandig en tweeezijdig bedrukte doos
golfkartonnen doos opzetten met lijm
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