The E2000 and Spartan horizontal end loading cartoning machines from Van De Velde Systems – Schut erect a pre-glued carton, place it in the filling position, close the carton and discharge it from the machine. The carton can be filled with the assistance of a sliding tray that is operated manually, or the product can be slid into the box automatically. Both machines are available for demonstration at our demo centre in Eerbeek.

doosjesmagazijn kartonneermachine
E2000 Kartonneermachine
Invoer E2000 Kartonneermachine
Spartan kartonneermachine
Spartan Kartonneermachine lijmt doosklep
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  • Speeds of up to around 15 or 30 cartons per minute
  • Suitable to duplex and corrugated cardboard
  • Semi-automatic and automatic filling
  • Sealing with hotmelt