Forming trays from 100% paper

Lock-Well® is an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic trays. This is a unique tray concept, developed in collaboration with PilloPak, supplier of ultralight corrugated paper.

This unique, sustainable concept consists of a tray erector and a tray blank supplied by PilloPak. The erector could be an EM60 or EM90 carton or tray erector, fitted with special format parts and a special folding section, for example.

The blank, made of ultralight corrugated paper, is taken from the blanks magazine, pressed by a tool plate and placed in a form part on a toothed belt, after which it rolls out of the machine as an erected tray, without the use of glue. The tray erector can be readily integrated into an existing packaging line.

Golfpapieren tray vormen met Tray opzetmachine
Tray opzetten met verdeling
milieuvriendelijke tray
koekjes verpakken
Lock-Well met vakverdeling
appel en water
kartonnen verpakking voor appels
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  • Environmentally friendly alternative to plastic trays
  • Available in single or multi compartment version
  • Blanks can be made of various materials
  • Reduction of logistic costs
  • Concept consists of machine and packaging